Platform stairlifts
from Ganser Liftsysteme

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Almost silent drive concept

Suitable for narrow staircases or complex spiral staircases

Space-saving, innovative design

Platform stairlift

Mobility impairments – caused by accidents, illness or the natural ageing process – represent a major restriction of personal freedom and therefore quality of life for those affected. Ganser Liftsysteme has therefore set itself the goal of reducing your everyday obstacles and creating a high degree of independence with an individually planned and visually appealing stairlift. Stairlifts from Ganser stand for maximum quality and impress in terms of design and functionality. We use high-quality materials as standard, guaranteeing many years of use.

GTLE platform stairlift

Whether indoors or outdoors, the new GTLE is a robust all-rounder that combines all the advantages of its class in one platform stairlift.

3rd flap optionally as motorised access ramp
Wireless wall switch (surface-mounted or flush-mounted version) with key switch
Chassis in RAL 7016 and RAL 7048 (standard colour)
Platform with non-slip surface RAL 7016
Access ramp with anti-slip surface RAL 7016
Stainless steel runway, upper rail can be used as a full handrail
Information display with voice output
Control unit with up/down soft-touch operating buttons, emergency stop buttons and 2 emergency call buttons

Narrow staircases or complex spiral staircases are no challenge for the new GTLE. Thanks to its new, space-saving, innovative design, our all-rounder offers a higher payload with a larger platform and maximum safety in the familiar quality. With its simple operation and many clever functions, our all-rounder overcomes every barrier and takes you easily to your destination. The customised application options and the nearly silent, solid drive concept of the new GTLE are a first in its class.

GTL20 platform stairlift

The all-rounder for straight stairs indoors and outdoors.

Control unit with up/down soft-touch operating buttons, emergency stop buttons and 2 emergency call buttons
Information display with voice output
Stainless steel runway, upper rail can be used as a full handrail
Flexible running gear: optionally as left or right-hand system, 0-50° adjustable
Fully automated safety devices: Drop & roll-off protection

Thanks to its easily adaptable metal construction, the GTL20 platform stairlift is perfect for unusual requirements. For example, oversized platform sizes of 1,100 x 1,400 mm or an elegant surface made of real bronze are no obstacle for this type of stairlift. With this type of construction, any architectural requirements can be catered for without hesitation – which is why individuality takes centre stage with this all-rounder. The platform stairlift can be manufactured as a cable, conductor rail or battery-powered version.

GTL30 platform stairlift

The maneuverable one for curves, horizontal travel and changing inclination indoors and outdoors.

Double rack and pinion drive
Fully automated safety devices: Drop and roll-off protection
Stainless steel runway, upper rail can be used as a full handrail
Control unit with up/down soft-touch operating buttons, emergency stop buttons and 2 emergency call buttons
Information display with voice output

Complex spiral staircases and winding ascents and descents are no problem for our GTL30. These platform stairlifts have been specially developed for curved routes and stairs with changes in incline. With the help of this stairlift, almost any flight of stairs can be reproduced – so nothing stands in the way of accessibility. The dual drive system used for this lift is unique on the market, as it allows the lift to ascend and descend in one runway and does not require a stabilizing tube.

Product differences

GradientPayloadSpeedDriveOperationPlatform sizeColor recommendation
Platform stairlift
+20° to + 50°300 kgmax. 0.15 m/sToothed racksBatteryStandard 800 x 1,000 mm, variable sizes on requestRAL 7016, 7048
Platform stairlift
0° to +50°300 kgmax. 0.15 m/sToothed racksBattery, cable & conductor railStandard 800 x 1,000 mm, variable sizes on requestRAL 7040
Platform stairlift
-60° to +60°300 kgmax. 0.15 m/sDouble
Toothed racks
BatteryStandard 800 x 1,000 mm, variable sizes on requestRAL 7040

Highlights for more comfort

Ganser Liftsysteme offers a wide range of numerous highlights for added convenience.
With our colour recommendation, the stairlift integrates perfectly into its surroundings. On request, it can also be finished in RAL colours of your choice or in stainless steel.
We will be happy to advise you.

Ergonomic control unit

Tactile and Braille control surfaces ensure almost effortless, simple, intuitive and functional operation.

Informative display

The display provides all relevant information about the current operating status at a glance, and a charming voice informs you about the next steps.

High quality materials

Weather-resistant and robust components made of stainless steel, aluminium and metal ensure a pleasant, safe ride and combine maximum protection with innovative design.

Flexible chassis

Agile and adaptable, flexible from +20° to +50°, the chassis is perfect for straight and curvy roads.

Fully automated safety devices

Because your safety is our top priority, fall and roll-off protection, anti-slip platform surface, contact floor and side cut-offs are in line with the latest standards.

Stainless steel-track

Safety and stability over every centimeter are guaranteed by the durable stainless steel track, which is also a fully-fledged, elegant handrail.

Wireless wall switch

Permanently mounted and lockable, perfect for public areas or outdoor installations. Flush-mounted or surface-mounted in various designs..

Fireless hand transmitter

Enables operation of the lift system in its immediate vicinity.

Third Ramp

Especially if there is a lack of space for accessing the platform from the opposite side of the lift.

Folding seat

More comfort when travelling – the space-saving folding seat. Optionally coated or in stainless steel.

Variable platform dimensions

Optimum use of space and platform maximization thanks to millimetre-precise adjustment.

Wheather protection cover

Protect your platform stairlift from rain, snow and ice during long periods of outdoor use.



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