Chair stairlifts
from Ganser Liftsysteme

Straight stairs or with curves, change of gradient and horizontal travel

Guided on the inside or outside of the staircase

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Flexible usability for unrestricted mobility

Chair stairlift

Stairs can be a huge obstacle for people with limited mobility. Chair stairlifts from Ganser are adapted to the existing conditions. The stairlift is usable for indoor and outdoor areas. The standard equipment includes a rotating seat, safety belt, footrest and all necessary safety devices.

ACORN Superglide

For straight stairs.

Lockable on/off switch
Footrest, armrests & seat can be folded up
Upholstered seat
Safety belt

The Acorn Superglide chair stairlift is one of the most technologically advanced stairlifts on the market, helping thousands of people worldwide to regain full use of their homes. It is a safe, comfortable and simple solution for negotiating stairs.

The chair stairlift weighs 127 kg and reaches a speed of approx. 0.15 m/s. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be installed indoors and outdoors and is battery-powered. The controls are located in the armrests as a joystick. Alternatively, the lift can also be operated using a hand-held radio transmitter.


For curves and changes in inclination.

Safety belt
Footrest lever
Joystick / directional switch
Gear drive
Upholstered seat
Footrest, armrests & seat can be folded down

The Premium EL1 seated stairlift is characterized by precision and quality. The double tube system offers you space-saving rail guidance in the curves. With a climbing ability of up to 70°, it is also suitable for narrow and steep stairs.

Thanks to the individual color design, even in the track guide, the EL1 adapts to your personal style and integrates attractively into its surroundings.

Product differences

Ideal forSpeedPayloadOperationDrive
Chair stairlift
ACORN Superglide
Straight stairsmax. 0.15 m/s160 kg Battery operationToothed rack
Chair stairlift
Premium EL1
Curves and slope changesmax. 0.15 m/s160 kgBattery operationToothed rack

Highlights for more comfort

Ganser lift systems offer a wide range of numerous highlights for additional ergonomic comfort.
We will be happy to advise you!

Radio hand-held transmitter

Our chair stairlifts can be easily called and sent with a remote control using 2 buttons.


Intuitive operation by simply pressing the joystick in the direction of travel.


The folding footrest ensures a comfortable ride.


The swivel seat makes it easy to get in and out.


The sit-on stairlift is fitted with a safety harness as standard to make ascending and descending as comfortable as possible.

Key cylinder

Prevent unauthorized operation of the lift system by locking the lift electronically with a key.

Weather protection hood

Protect your seated stairlift from rain, snow and ice during long periods of outdoor use.


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