General information

From raw material to finished lift system.

Our lift systems are 100% individually manufactured in our factory in St. Peter am Wimberg. The lift technology ranges from technical planning advice, metal technology, mechatronics and installation through to the annual servicing of the lift system. As we handle all these individual steps ourselves, we are able to react with flexibility to customer requests and leave nothing to chance. As a full-service provider in the field of lift systems, we are able to find a solution for any challenge.


JUNE – 3rd motorised access ramp

The side access ramp on the GTLE has been motorised. By eliminating the access ramp on the valley side and using a steep approach, the maximum platform length can now be maximised on the lower landing. The side access ramp effectively saves space, especially on narrow stairs. Thanks to the narrow drive concealed in the platform, it can now be folded open by 90° and thus guarantees maximum space on the platform, even on narrow staircases.


JANUARY – Folding seat

The newly developed folding seat with remote cable control provides more comfort while driving. The space-saving folding seat can be ordered either coated or in stainless steel.


GTL’s in special design: cruise ships, swimming pools, beach facilities,…

Our GTLs have been specially designed for the toughest challenges. More than 50 GTL platform stairlifts are now used on cruise ships to help passengers overcome a wide variety of barriers. Particularly outdoors, our lifts have to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, from icy to subtropical temperatures, as well as the salty ambient air. The Ganser platform stairlifts are provided with a special coating and conservation, so our GTLs serve their purpose perfectly and for many years – unhindered accessibility even on holiday.


Start of construction of new production hall for liftsystems

The steady growth of the company led to a further expansion of the production area in the form of a new, modern production hall. The aim is to respond quicker and more efficiently to customer requirements and thus be able to serve the market adequately. This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. You can find more information at


Opening of the new car dealership and agricultural machinery center

In order to position the company in multiple sectors in the long term, investments were made in a neighborhood car dealership. With this step, the focus was on regional customer loyalty.


The first platform stairlift exports to Switzerland

The first platform stairlifts were exported to Switzerland in 1996. In the following years, other European Union countries joined in, like France, Norway and Belgium,…


Development of the first vertical lifting platforms

The range of lifts was expanded in 1995 to include vertical lifting platforms, today’s GHB20. In this year, it was already possible to overcome lifting heights of up to 12 metres.


Ganser Maschinen GmbH is founded

Ganser Maschinen GmbH was founded in this year. At the same time, the development of platform stairlifts was started in accordance to a customer request. This was the starting shot for lift production.


Production of lifting bathtubs for nursing homes and hospitals

The first modern lifting bathtubs were delivered to nursing homes, hospitals, etc.


Contractual partner of various car manufacturers

During this period, the Ganser company was the official regional contract partner of various car manufacturers such as Audi, Peugeot and Fiat.


Production of safety canopies for tractors

The product assortment was constantly expanded and the series production of retro adaptable tractor cabins followed.


Manufacture of elevators for automobiles and trucks

The innovative spirit of the founder was decisive for the start of the company’s own product development and associated production. In addition, the first successful exports to Switzerland have already been recorded this year.


Foundation of the company by Johann Ganser

Today’s Ganser Maschinen GmbH was originally founded as a single proprietorship by Mr. Johann Ganser, who initially only dealt with the trade and repair of agricultural machinery and motor vehicles.