Platform lifts
from Ganser Liftsysteme

Maximum independence is combined with an attractive appearance.

Low cost alternative to conventional elevators.

Reach a maximum height of up to 10 meters with 4 stops.

Indoor and outdoor with a view.

Vertical Platform lifts
& platform elevators

Thanks to a specially developed modular system, our easy-to-operate platform elevators and platform platforms are a low-cost alternative to conventional elevators. Depending on your needs and requirements, they can be installed in an existing shaft or set up as a self-supporting model for lifting heights of up to 12 meters. The entry-level model for a lifting height of up to 3 meters offers unlimited all-round visibility thanks to its railing height of just 1.1 meters. The platform can be fastened either directly to the wall or to brackets. Whether wall or glass shaft: the installation of the prefabricated components only takes a short time.

Vertical platform lift GHB20

The variable platform indoor and outdoor with a view.

Optional emergency call system
Call buttons in various designs
Flexible aluminium shaft with safety glass
Platform floor also possible with on-site floor covering
Conveying height up to 12 metres with low-wear rack and pinion system
Control element with illuminated buttons
Entry and exit possible on 3 sides
Thermally insulated or fire-resistant doors
Integrated or travelling access ramp if no pit is available

With only minimal structural measures, the GHB20 vertical platform elevator is perfect for mastering ascents and descents simply, easily and without complex rebuilding. The simple modular system offers considerable advantages in terms of installation effort and installation time. The narrow design of the drive side allows all-round visibility and the best possible panoramic view. Turn your ascent into a real experience and enjoy the view.

Vertical platform lift GHB50

The powerful lifting platform with a focus on architecture and public facilities.

Folding bellows incl. safety contact strip
Freely selectable platform sizes up to 2,000 kg payload
Retractable roll-off board for variants up to 1 metre conveying height possible
Space-saving installation without the need for a wall to secure the carriageway
Hydraulic emergency lowering
Soft start and soft stop at a speed of up to 0.15 m/sec.

Thanks to an ingenious hydraulic scissor lift system, the GHB50 vertical platform lift can reach a maximum load capacity of 2,000 kg with a lifting height of up to 3 m. This system can be easily integrated into a wall or glass shaft. Due to the high load capacity, there is the option of integrating a moving elevator door into the platform lift. This offers great advantages for both handicapped and unrestricted persons, especially in public areas. The flexibility is therefore limitless, as we can satisfy almost all architectural requirements. Experience it for yourself.

Product differences

Funding levelStopsPayloadSpeedOperationDrivePlatform size
12 metersmax. 6385 kgmax. 0.15 m/sMains operationRack with gear wheelStandard 1,100 x 1,400 mm, variable sizes on request
Platform lift GHB503 metersmax. 42.000 kgmax. 0.15 m/sMains operationHydraulicsFree choice of platform size

Installation variants GHB20

The GHB20 offers you different installation options. Thanks to the special modular system, we can either install them in an existing shaft or as a self-supporting model, depending on requirements and needs. Optionally mounted directly on the wall or attached to a bracket. For complex situations, we will find the right, individual design to suit your requirements.


Fastened directly to the wall for heights of up to 3 meters.


Mounting on console
for delivery heights of up to 3 meters.


Mounting either on the wall or on a console for conveying heights of up to 12 meters using a closed cabin.


Free-standing, four-sided aluminum glass shaft optionally with glass filling or panels.


Three-sided aluminium glass shaft combined with an insulated door into the living area, mounted on a load-bearing wall.


Three-sided aluminum and glass shaft with a half-height door on the upper floor.

Highlights for more comfort

Ganser Liftsysteme offers a wide range of numerous highlights for added comfort.
Whether you choose the color traffic white (RAL 9016), stainless steel or RAL colors of your choice, the platform adapts perfectly to its surroundings.
We will be happy to advise you.

External command device

Call or send your lift to the desired position. Optionally with Eurokey or other locking system.

Wireless hand-held sensor

Enables the lift system to be operated in its immediate vicinity.

Cable remote control

Promises ergonomic operation when using a folding seat.

Folding seat

For extending the platform lift to make the ride more comfortable.

Access ramp

Minimize your on-site efforts and rely on our mobile access ramp, which enables barrier-free access without the need for a lift pit.

Variable basket, cabin and shaft sizes

If space is tight, we adapt your system individually to the given environment.

Key operation
at the elevator

The illuminated buttons make operating the system simple and intuitive.

Emergency lowering

This model can optionally be equipped with an automatic, battery-operated emergency lowering system, which lowers the system in the event of a power failure.

Emergency call system

A wired or GSM-equipped telephone on the chassis can also be integrated.

Chassis lighting

Depending on the model, we can provide your lift car or shaft with sufficient lighting.

On-site floor covering

We are happy to prepare the platform floor for an on-site floor covering so that the installation can be perfectly adapted to its surroundings.

Stainless steel version

On request, you can have visible components made of stainless steel.

Control column

A control column, which is permanently connected to the chassis and contains illuminated buttons, ensures simple and intuitive operation.



Maritime museum

Event hall

Gent Central Station

Project KiG

Artists’ House

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