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What distinguishes Ganser lifts from others?

In addition to the usage of exclusively high-quality, durable and robust materials for an ideal stability and permanent functionality our products are also known for a reliable security, a shapely design and a huge flexibility in the implementation of individual solutions.

Which lift do I need? How much will it cost?

The choice of your adequate lift systems is dependent on various factors and your individual initial position. To find an optimal solution for your requirements, we will give advice in a very detailed way and find the ideal system for you. Just contact us!

Is there financial support when buying a lift?

The guide lines concerning financial support vary from state to state. We will give you detailed information, just contact us!

How much weight can be transported with a lift?

Depending on the model and implementation, our lift systems can transport between 250 and 2.000 kg. You can find more details via the menu item “products”. Also, we kindly give you personal information about that.

Is there a modification of the staircase or the house necessary?

Our expanded product range offers from experience adequate solutions for varying requirements. So, an exhausting and expensive modification of the building is not necessary. Also, preparatory work prior to assembly is not necessary, as our service technicians will execute all the necessary tasks in a reliable and proper way.

Which legal guidelines and building regulations have to be observed?

You don`t have to concern about constructional guidelines. Our specialists and technicians know what has to be observed in the individual situation and find an adequate solution for your requirement.

How difficult is the operation of the lift system?

The prominent and with Braille provided buttons react sensitively to contacts and thereby make a quick orientation and an intuitive handling possible. Therefore hardly any effort and no technical knowledge about the operation is necessary.

I would like to use the lift in a sitting position without the wheelchair, is that possible?

Yes. As an option we offer you a folding seat, which can be folded out when using the lift without a wheelchair.

Does an outdoor system work in all kinds of weather?

All the exterior parts of our outdoor lift systems are made out of rustproof stainless steel and all the electrical components are plugged waterproofed. That`s why a trouble-free operation is guaranteed in all kinds of weather. In addition, we offer a cover hood which is made out of UV-robust synthetic material.

Are the lifts only in standard colours?

Flexibility is important for us in all fields. Therefore, it is possible to produce the lifts in addition to the standard colour grey also in stainless-steel finish (K400 or K800) as well as in RAL-colours powder-coated. So, the lift is perfect integrated in its environment.

Can I resell a lift, if it is not required any more?

Some of our models can be adjusted to a left or right construction in the scope of 0° - 50°. So, these are convertible afterwards. This individuality offers space for an assembly in other staircases again and therefore ensures the maintaining value of the lift.

How much are the operating costs?

On the development of the electrical components the main focus is set on the economy and on the least possible stand-by usage. On these grounds, the operation costs depending on the individual model can be kept at a minimum for the customer.

How dangerous is the usage of a lift?

The security of our customers is of major priority. That`s why we see it as implicitness that special safety equipment like the anti rolling mechanism, the contact data, and as well the side-shift mechanism correspond to the latest security standards.

What happens when there is a power breakdown?

Battery systems guarantee an operation without difficulty. Cable systems offer the possibility to sink the lift manually.

What is the TÜV-type examination test?

Products with a TÜV-type examination test were examined by a EU certified department and correspond to the currently valid norms and regulations.

Who helps when there is a problem?

Via the menu item “Enterprise” you can find our service technicians and their telephone numbers, under which they are available for you.

To which countries and regions does Ganser deliver?

Our reliable partner firms and the cooperation with our dealers make it possible for us to supply private households, enterprises and public institutions with high-quality lift systems not only in Austria. Customers worldwide trust in our products.