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Special designs

From ceiling lifts to firehose lifts and special designs: Your individual requirements are our challenges, which we will tackle at its best care and innovative thinking.

What kind of freight – whether big, fragile, heavy or bulky – you want to lift: Our experienced technicians, planners and designing engineers are pleased to take over extraordinary constructs and will find the ideal solution for you.

Ceiling lift

RL50 the space-saving wheelchair ceiling lift

The ceiling lift RL50 can be integrated everywhere without problems – even in narrow and steep staircases. Because of a simple solvable adaption a rail guide is also possible through doors. The power unit corresponds to modest technique and guarantees a durable security.

This makes the transport of shopping bags, goods and appliances of all sorts possible in a comfortable way.

Crucial advantages of the ceiling lift RL50

  • The staircase width will not be impaired
  • Replacement does not need any effort
  • The parking position can be selected optionally
  • The lift system can be arbitrary in its height
  • Implementation is possible everywhere, even in tight, steep staircases
  • Parking position with little required space
  • Flexible manual operation
  • Easily removable door transit
  • Ideal as well for apartment buildings
  • Load capacity 150 kg
  • Minimum with of stair 810 mm


Completely immersible vertical lift for the interior and outdoor area

The special developed hydrolift is the ideal wheelchair lift for public buildings. The lift bridges 1 to 6 stairs in the interior as well as in the outdoor area and is integrated in historic buildings, in staircases and in buildings with shifted floors.

Essential advantages of the hydrolift

  • Assembly flush to the floor possible
  • High lifting capacity
  • Possible to be passed over by cars
  • Quick assembly
  • Ideal for historic buildings
  • Good value for money
  • Remote control
  • For the interior and outdoor area

Firehose lift FSA 30

This lift is maintenance-free and offers a protection of corrosion because of its zinc covering and powder coating.

This lift is maintenance-free and offers a protection of corrosion because of its zinc covering and powder coating. Our firehose lift FSA 30 lifts at a maximum capacity of 1000 kg all kinds of materials in a 20 second pulse to the desired place. Therefore the lift can in addition to 30 drying areas for hoses also convey belts, ropes and a tare weight of 150 kg. Moreover to hang up an unhang the lift in various floors is possible. All of the movements are carried out by an individual and electronic power units.

On the hose bracket, which drops on a belt without an interrupting guide rail, a hose without the use of adapter pieces is hung up, which is pulled up and laid down at a free place by pressing the operating buttons. Afterwards, the hose bracket is lowered again and the next hose bracket can be hinged. Taking off the hose brackets is done in the reverse order.

LxWxH: 1,6 x 1,4 x 0,45 m

power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A


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