GTL30 – Edelschrott

Gepostet am 11.07.2024

A customised GTL30 with a complex track was produced and installed just in time for the EU elections, so everybody can vote barriere free!

Ganser Liftsysteme manufactures the lift units and runway tracks to precisely fit the individual situation. This maximises the space available for a larger platform. Tracks with special curves are not uncommon in Ganser Liftsysteme projects.

The Edelschrott project was precisely designed and installed by our team. The length of the track stretches over 15 metres and 3 floors in a complex stairwell. The result is more than just impressive.

The stairlift has several stops on different floors to enable optimal access and exit. The laminated safety glass serves as protection against reaching through along the track.

platform stairlift GTL30


Photocredit: Edelschrott, Ganser Liftsysteme