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Frequently asked questions

Are there subsidies in the purchase of a lift?

As the determinations vary from province to province please follow the link and contact the responsible provincial office Bundessozialamt

What is TÜV type approval?

Products with TÜV type approval are tested by an EU certified institution and therefore correspond to the currently valid standards and regulations.

What happens in a power failure?

With installations driven by renewable batteries a problem-free operation is ensured. For installations with a power supply with cable there is the possibility of a manual descent.

I want to ride seated without wheelchair

As an option we offer a folded seat that can be folded out for rides without a wheelchair.

Who helps with problems?

You will find our service technicians and telephone numbers where they can be reached under Contacts.

Outside position in wind, rain, snow and ice

For outside installations all outside parts are made of stainless steel, the electrical components are made watertight and in this way an interruption-free operation is assured in all weathers. For lifts that are used very seldom, we offer a cover of UV-stable plastic.

What type of lift do I need?

What is its approximate cost? In order to find the best solution to your position, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

Operating costs

The main aim in the development of the electrical components is the economy and the lowest possible Stand-By use.




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